Saturday, August 9, 2014

Funeral Fornication – Fornography Compilation

Funeral Fornication is a band that formed way back in 2003 and to this day, is still releasing music and going strong.  Fornography is a compilation album that comprises of songs stretching their entire career.  Songs from 3 out of their full lengths are featured throughout the album, along with a couple from a split album they did as well as a previously unreleased track entitled Sorrowspell.  Being just shy of an hour long, this release has a lot to show off and is definitely worth your time to check out. 

As for the musical part of the release, it is a huge variety of different sounds but it all falls under the same general tone.  There are elements of symphonic, depressive, raw, and thrash-based black metal all entwined together in the 58 minutes of metal, making for a diverse listen.  Some tracks are extremely melodic with the guitar leading the way and pulling the rest of the band along, but others have a slight symphonic sound that dominates the atmosphere. 

The drums sound very natural and I would be surprised if they were done by a machine.  In the research I did, I wasn’t able to confirm the use of live drums or otherwise, but either way they sound fantastic.  The guitars always have a very murky overtone, giving the music a natural black metal feel.  The riffs never get boring or diluted and every song stands on its own nicely. Melody is prominent within Funeral Fornication’s music and they do a good job building the music around their well written melodies.  The vocals sound a bit generic and monotone, but the parts that really stand out and draw attention to themselves are the clean vocals.  It sounds almost like a choir is singing in some parts and that builds the music to heights it wouldn’t have reached without that effect. 

Funeral Fornication have been around for over a decade now and show no signs of slowing down.  Their music remains the same but different with each release, keeping every album interesting and fun to listen to.  While Fornography only gives a slight taste of the music Funeral Fornication has released, it is highly recommended that you go check out the rest of their work. 


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