Monday, July 21, 2014

Temple Of Darkness Zine

Hailz everyone! Welcome to Temple of Darkness zine, where I will focus on reviewing and interviewing underground bands.  I would prefer to review any sort of black metal music, and maybe some death metal.

A little about myself, Samyaza, I have been listening to metal music for well over a decade now.  Black metal has grown to be my favorite sub genre and I can not listen to enough of it.  I realized how much talent underground bands have a few years ago and I finally want to attempt to spread the word about these bands that I like so much.  I, myself have an atmospheric black metal project called Aeolus, so I definitely love to hear what other bands out there are doing!

If you would like your band interviewed or reviewed, please contact me at and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours.  I will listen to every submission I get and will likely review every one as well until my to do list grows to the point where I cannot possibly do every submission I get.

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