Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forlor Interview

Forlor is a Finnish black metal band that just released their debut demo, War & Perdition.  My review of that will be posted in a few days.  In the meantime, enjoy the interview I did with one of the members, Panzerfaust.

Where did the name Forlor come from?

- Forlor is old English and it means "Destruction"

Why did you decide to change your name from Depressive Void to Forlor?

- Well, DV sounds a little bit boring, and it was misleading name because the music isn't depressive. So i decided to change the name what sounds good, fits to my music better and what isn't already taken/used.

When did the band form?

- 2014

You have just released your first demo, War & Perdition, tell me about the writing process for that? How long did it take?

- The whole writing process did take about one month. Subjects for the songs was so clear that i did almost "see" the songs. And right state of mind boost the process.

How long was the recording process?

- War & Perdition demo was recorded between April and May 2014.

Where was it recorded?

- Guitars, bass, vocals are recorded in my home, and the drums in my friend's rehearsal place.

What are some of your musical inspirations?

- Killing guitar riffs, raw vocals, aggressive and stabbing result for the songs etc..

Non-musical inspirations?
- War, misanthropia, anti-christianity, holocaust etc..

Where can people get a physical copy of your demo?
- People can get the demo tape from Me, Merchant Of Death(de), Werewolf Promotion(pl), KVLT(fin), Neuntoter(fin) and soon Nebular Winter Productions(gr)

Is there more material in the works for Forlor?
- Yes! I'm making the new songs right now.

What is the future plan for Forlor?

- Gigs, when i'm gathered the good line-up. And i'm looking the good label for future releases.

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