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Veldes - To Drown In Bleeding Hope Review

Veldes - To Drown in Bleeding Hope
This is a particularly hard review for me to write.  I listened to Veldes' EP, Skyward and also reviewed it here previously to reviewing To Drown In Bleeding Hope, leaving me a bit biased on the album.  However, I will attempt to deliver a solid review of the material at hand!

Veldes is is an atmospheric black metal band started back in 2012 by Tilen Simon.  Within a year of inception, a full length album was released, that being To Drown in Bleeding Hearts.  While TDIBH plays it safe and lacks the unique sound that many other atmospheric black metal bands have, there are some amazing high points within the album.  Atmosphere is highly emphasized throughout and tracks like 'Earth as a Nest of Bones and Debris' display this perfectly.  The use of sampling is one of the best I have ever heard and while listening, a sense of gloom and sadness emerges when hearing a diary entry from the 2009 film The Road.  Unfortunately, the atmosphere that the sample builds up is let down by the music that follows, although I do commend Tilen because he has the right idea of how to use sampling effectively.  

The playing is quite simplistic and uses a mix of distorted, fuzzy guitar tones and painful, eerie screams to build an atmosphere.  There are never any shredding guitar solos or extremely fast riffs, instead there is an emphasis on melody, something that seems to fit very well within Veldes' music.  These melodies are usually dark and depressing, bringing out sadness within the listener.  The riffs that make up all five tracks are drawn out and very memorable.  Drumming is most likely done by a drum machine but sounds incredible.  A lot of time was spend making sure that the fills fit the music and the patterns were exactly how they should sound.  The bass drum does stick out a lot and gets to be rather annoying after a while.  It sounds very empty and dull and that sometimes distracts from the other aspects of the music.  The vocals are heavily emphasized throughout TDIBH.  They are very melancholic and depressing.  They deal with many topics that provoke sadness and while reading the lyrics along with the music, you truly understand what Tilen is aiming for in terms of atmosphere and the feeling he wants his listeners to have while hearing his work.

Veldes is definitely on the right track in terms of songwriting and structuring a beautiful release.  The incorporation of elements of doom metal and a heavy emphasis on melody creates a haunting atmosphere that is recognizable the instant you press play.  While there are a few minor flaws, To Drown In Bleeding Hope is a good stepping stone to what Veldes is truly capable of producing.


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